How to have a baby girl advice and program

how to have a baby girl
Most of the families wished for a baby girl to be their first child. These seldom happen because it is a fact that girls outnumber boys. But we can deny the fact that those who have successfully bore a boy also wished to have a baby girl. Having 2 boys in a row is fun, but three? It can be a headache already. We all need a princess in the family to give more beauty to the family.

But how can a family having 2 sons already, can guarantee that the next child the mother conceived is already a baby girl? Afraid of knowing the truth of gender of the child you conceived? Then it is time for you to read, understand and follow all that is written in the book titled “ Prince or Princess Guide ”. The writer, Alicia Pennington wrote this book to help those couple out there who wants to have a child that they really want.

This is to avoid the unplanned number of children you want for your family and also to achieve the family you really ought to have.

Basically, the book is all about natural methods. The steps and procedure discussed on the book came from extensive and years of researches done by the author per se.

The author guarantees the reader that what she wrote are all effective based on the success rate which is 94% coming from a number of couples. The book explains the story behind every step and why couples should start changing their way of living. The scientific approach to these methods is very important but it doesn’t involve any type of drugs or surgery or any other harmful and risky methods.

The importance of ovulation is very high in determining the gender for your baby. The “X” chromosome, representing the girl sperm and “Y” chromosome for the boys, is the highlights in conceiving a baby girl. Conceiving a baby girl is much easier than a baby boy because of the fact that “x” sperms outnumber “y” sperms and they can live longer that of “y”.

This information is crucial during the intercourse because the couple should know the period where the woman starts to ovulate. Since the “x” sperm stays longer than boys, it is advised that intercourse starts 3 days prior the start of the ovulation period. This way, the “y” sperms die and the only remaining sperms are the “x”.

Aside from that, pH level of women is also important. The higher more acidic is the woman, the greater is her chance of conceiving a baby girl. Diet should go with this pH level to help manipulate the acidity of a woman. Changing the food menus is also important because the body will eventually adjust to a new system.

A healthy lifestyle is also one factor in conceiving the right gender for your baby. Proper exercise and avoiding stress should be observed. The right timing for sexual intercourse is also important which supports the ovulation period of the woman. Sexual positions can also help. A light penetration is to be made so that the sperms can travel slowly and only the “X” sperm can reach the egg.

The steps mentioned are all natural and guaranteed to have no side effects or any risk involved. Instead of wasting your time, money and effort in medications, might as well try the natural methods and experienced a fast and safe way to conceive a baby girl. No more threats of surgery and endless medicines. It is pure discipline and obligation to fulfill all the steps to conceive the right gender for your child. try diet and natural ways with guide is one of the best ways to have a baby girl. try Dr. Alicia guide proven to selecting gender you want.

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