Plan You Baby Gender A Girl Or A Boy

What is the gender of your baby, a boy or a girl? When we know someone is pregnant we always ask for the gender. Most often than not the answer of the expectant mothers would be the ever generic “Whatever is given to us, we would love the baby regardless of the gender…” However, it is unavoidable that there is a big BUT in that sentence! Like for example “Whether a boy or a girl we would love the baby BUT if possible we want a boy.” Of course parents would have their preferred gender for their baby.

They may have their own reason like those parents who needs to conceive a specific gender to prevent series of unfortunate events. Take monarchy for example. To lessen the politics in monarchy, the outdated rule requires the king and the queen to have their first born as a baby boy to be heir to the throne.

Another example is a husband and wife that have a family history of hemophilia. They are aware that if they make a baby boy, it would be difficult for the baby because the disease will be dominant if the baby is a boy.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting your child to be a boy or girl, do not worry dear because there is a way to make your dreams come true! A magic wand will do the trick for you to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl.

You do not need to find a genie in the lamp. All you have to do is to complete simple requirements which include a wand and an expert wizard to do the trick. The wand is thick baby girl and baby boy cartoons Want to make a baby boy or a baby girl? Here’s the Magic Wand that can helpand hard that releases the magic trick at its tip. It comes in various sizes and shapes.

A good point to bear in mind is that the magic power of the wand solely depends on the wielder. In this time and age you might want to ask where you can find this wizard with a wand. It is pretty easy dear. If you already entered matrimony, then the wizard who wields the wand is none other than your husband. I believe there is no need to explain the wand. However feel free to drop a comment to clear any misdirected thoughts. Anyway, here are the things you need to know about the trick.

The magic trick released at the wand’s tip is composed of two kinds of sperm based on the chromosome it carries. There is the Y sperm or androsperm and the X sperm or gynosperm. Y sperm is called male-producing sperm because it completes the egg, which has X chromosome, leading to XY chromosome which makes a baby boy. On the other hand, X sperm is called female-producing sperm because it completes the XX chromosome to create a baby girl. Y sperms are fast. They swim fast and they die fast.

They are sensitive to acidic environment. While X sperms are slow swimmers but can last up to 72 hours. They do not favor the alkaline environment of the vagina. Now you know the gist of the wizard, the wand and the magic trick. All that is left is to perform the next step: the crucial magic trick aka Gender selection conception or Gender selection sexual intercourse.

To conceive or want to have a baby boy

If you want the gender of your baby to be a boy, a deep penetration immediately after ovulation is required. Studies show that a deep penetration will release or deposit the falopian tube deposit sperm Want to make a baby boy or a baby girl? Here’s the Magic Wand that can helpsperms as close to the cervix. This will make the travel time of the sperm to the fallopian tube shorter and it makes the survival of Y sperms high. When we say deep penetration, it means that the wand aka penis’ tip should be touching the cervix. How would your partner know that he is hitting the cervix? Cervix, during ovulation, is softer and more similar to the lips as a response to the high levels of estrogen.

If it is not ovulation, the cervix would be firm like the tip of the nose. Make sure that you perform a deep penetration. You might want to explore different positions that could aid you in doing so. The main goal if you want a baby boy is to make the travel time of the Y sperm faster to meet the ovum in an alkaline environment. To increase the alkalinity of the secretions of the woman, the woman should lessen eating acidic foods. The woman should eat: avocado, zucchini, tomato, spinach, and tofu to name a few. Again the pointers are: deep penetration and sex transpiring immediately after ovulation for an alkaline environment favorable to Y sperms. It would be advisable to practice abstinence and wait until the woman’s ovulation before you do the magic trick to lessen the chance of X sperms to fertilize the egg.

To conceive or to want have a baby girl

If you want to have a baby girl, the following is the trick you should follow. How to conceiving a baby girl is the total opposite of how to conceive a baby boy. The penetration should be shallow. This would deposit the sperms far from the cervix making it favorable for baby girl conceive Want to make a baby boy or a baby girl? Here’s the Magic Wand that can helpX sperms because there would be few Y sperms that can survive until they reach the cervix. Also, depositing sperms far from the cervix would let the X sperm swim in an acidic environment which is needed if you want to have a baby girl.

Just make sure that sexual intercourse is done about 24 to 72 hours before ovulation. There would be a greater chance for X sperms to fertilize the egg if the deposited Y sperms die before ovulation. No abstinence is required. For acidic environment, the woman should eat: liver, pork, cream, cheese, bread, vinegar. No douche should be done because douching causes alkalinity in the reproductive area. No need for a good position to penetrate deeply. If the man would climax, it would be advisable to withdraw it a little. The key points here are to deposit sperm as far away as possible to the cervix and to have an acidic vaginal environment.

If at first try you fail, just remember to keep sending entries! The more you do it, the greater chances of winning to achieve the gender of your baby that you want. There is no harm in trying this trick. There is also no harm if you fail. Love your children whatever their gender is


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