Try Diet To Have A Baby Girl

diet to have a baby girl
Hope you all are pink in health. I know I have been doing too many DIYs and home remedies and articles based on women health and issues, but I think that these are very important for women and women always tend to ignore these bits. I keep reading so many books, journals and articles on various things (I am so vehli these days, exams are over and waiting for the next semester to begin) , so today I thought of sharing with all you beautiful ladies a very interesting and important article, which I read in a book, and further researched about it over the internet.

One of my cousins is pregnant so I stumbled on her reading material when I visited her day before. :P I don’t know how many of you are aware of these diets. I mean when I read for the first time, I literally freaked out. I never thought getting pregnant and having babies had soooo many layers to it.

Studies have already revealed that a women’s diet determines the gender of the baby. Yes, the diet of a woman is correlated to the gender of the baby. A study revealed that a woman who has breakfast and consumes around 2200 calories per day is bound to have a baby boy while those women who skipped breakfast and consumed relatively less number of calories delivered baby girls.

conceive a baby girl The diet you have basically determines the vaginal pH and acidity levels, which correlates the gender of your baby. It’s a fact that a male sperm is relatively weaker than the female one, and this is also one of the reasons why you must conceive in an appropriate way before ovulation. An increased vaginal pH level ensures conceiving a baby girl. So simply skipping breakfast isn’t going to help to conceive a baby girl.

It’s a proven fact that a Y or male sperm cannot survive in a highly acidic vaginal tract but an X or female sperm happily thrives there. Hence the acidic and PH level must be high for conceiving a baby girl.

To conceive a baby girl you need to have acidic food and avoid the alkaline food. Calcium is one of the most important things to be consumed if you are planning to conceive a baby girl. Milk, cream, yogurt and cheese are the most calcium rich food products. You can have tons of ice cream too.

Magnesium rich foodstuffs also help in conceiving a baby girl. Beans, green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich sources of magnesium.

Potassium rich food stuffs must be avoided by a woman who is trying to conceive a baby girl. Bananas are the richest source of potassium.

Acidic food stuffs are very important for conceiving a baby girl. And it is a must for a woman who is trying to conceive a baby girl to have a pH rich diet.

Fruits like prunes, cranberries and plums are great sources of acid, whereas meats, whole grains, corn and fish is also foods which are to be consumed for increasing the vaginal acidic level. An acidic diet may be tough to follow, but at the cost of a beautiful daughter I guess it will simplify for a mommy to be.

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