How To Have A Baby Girl 3 Factor

how to have a baby girl factor
There are thought to be 3 main factors in influencing the sex of your baby. These are the timing of intercourse, the sexual position used when conceiving, and the foods eaten by the mother. Each of these factors is described in a bit more detail below.

Factor 1 – Timing intercourse correctly

One of the most important ways of influencing the gender of your baby is to time intercourse correctly. If you’re trying how to have a baby girl, you should have intercourse at a particular time before ovulation. The reasoning behind this is as follows – female (X) sperm are more resilient than male (Y) sperm and therefore they live longer. So in effect they can ‘hang around’ in the female body waiting for ovulation to occur, and fertilise the egg. Male sperm have a shorter lifespan, and will die before ovulation occurs.

So, as male sperm have a shorter lifespan than female sperm – having sex further away from ovulation means they are very likely to die off before ovulation occurs, leaving only female sperm. If you’re looking for exact timings on this to maximise your chances, check out or recommended products page for more info on the gender selection guides which can explain this in great detail.

Factor 2 – Choosing the right sexual position

Have intercourse in a certain positions allow you to control the distance that the sperm is deposited away from the egg.

Certain sexual positions favour the conception of a girl, others favour the conception of a girl.

Factor 3 – Eating the right foods

In order to have a girl, it’s best to eat certain foods, in order to control the PH (alkalinity and acidity) of vaginal fluid. You should begin this diet at least 6 weeks before attempting to have a girl.

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