Really Sex Position To Have A Baby Girl ?

how to have a baby girls
For many couples trying to conceive their first child can be fun and exciting. They want to just enjoy the whole process and just let “nature decide” whether they conceive a girl or a boy. However, for a couple who already has a couple of boys maybe, and is only looking to have one more child, knowing how to conceive a girl becomes very important. So do you just have to rely on nature, or are their safe and natural ways to influence the gender of your child?

The first thing to know is that science and technology can definitely help. There are clinics that specialize in sperm separation techniques. All semen contains both male producing sperm (X chromosome) and female producing sperm (Y chromosome). Typically the female producing sperm tend to be heavier and more robust. Using a method invented by Dr. R. Ericsson in the 1970’s sperm can be separated by it’s mass in a laboratory resulting in semen that can be either a higher concentration of male producing or female producing sperm. The higher concentration of semen can then be used to impregnate the mother.

This Ericsson method boasts on average of a 70% success rate. Of course, disadvantages to this method are cost and that it turns what should be a natural, fun baby making process into a science project. Most couples would need to be very motivated to conceive a girl to endure conceiving what some call a “turkey baster” baby.

For the couple who doesn’t want their baby making to be a science project but still wants to try and “stack the deck” more towards conceiving a baby girl, certain other things can be done taking advantage of the scientific understanding that female producing sperm are more robust and tend to live longer than their male producing counterparts.

So if you you really are interested in how to conceive a girl naturally you should consider the following when planning to conceive – position and timing.


When considering the best position to conceive a girl you need to remember that female producing sperm are more robust and live longer than male producing sperm, but they are also slower. Therefore deeper penetration positions (example, rear entry) would favor the faster, male sperm getting to the cervix and the egg quicker. Lower penetration positions or ones with gravity working against the sperm (example, woman on top) would favor the stronger, female bearing sperm getting to the egg first.


More effective than position, would be to consider the timing if you want to conceive a girl. First, make sure you have a good understanding of your ovulation cycle and when you are most fertile. Tracking for a few months or using an inexpensive ovulation predictor kit can help you achieve this. When you know where in your cycle you ovulate, if you are trying to conceive a girl it is best to have intercourse 2-3 days before the egg is released, and then not again until a few days after ovulation In most cases the quicker but faster dying male producing sperm will have perished before the egg is released.

Note that paying attention to timing an position to influence the sex of your child is not a guarantee, but it can give nature a helping hand and a push in the right direction.

Diet Other really important things to consider when wanting to conceive a girl or a boy are diet and the PH balance of the woman’s vagina (strongly influenced by diet). An excellent more detailed resource that explains all of this can be found by clicking here


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